Spring 2019 Workshop: Thinking Through Congregational Leadership

Spring 2019 Workshop: Thinking Through Congregational Leadership

This workshop will cover four main areas of leadership:

Session One: Creating the Future or Receiving it? Re-thinking Change

We often talk about building the kingdom of God or advancing the kingdom of God or extending it. But Jesus talked about inheriting the kingdom or receiving it. Is there a difference? This session will review a process of change called Theory U by Otto Sharmer and will help us to think through how deep change takes place in our lives and in our congregations.

Session Two: When Leaders Hit the Wall

We all know the statistics on burnout in the church, not only for clergy but also for laity. What happens when we hit the wall? Is it the end or the possibility of a new beginning? This workshop will explore the work Stages of Faith: The Critical Journey and consider how a renewed understanding of the love of God can provide a renewed sense of service. We will also consider the importance of a theology of failure.

Session Three: Why do we call them volunteers? Rethinking service as discipleship

Many congregations struggle with getting the volunteers they need. Is there a way in which the church does its work that contributes to the problem? This session will look at recent literature on volunteers and offer some ideas of how we might better celebrate and equip our laity for service in the church and beyond.

Session Four: Building Healthy Teams

Almost all denominations have a strong preference for working in teams when it comes to effective congregational ministry. But building vital and healthy teams does not happen by accident. What makes an effective team? How effective is your team? This workshop will be based on the work The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni.

March 22, 2019    9am-4pm Presbyterian College, Montreal

Cost: $80/$60 (youth) – Lunch Provided


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