Certificate Courses in Theology

Is this the right program for you?

These course offerings are intended to make theological education accessible to a wider range of students and lay people than the regular M.Div. program offered by the Montreal School of Theology.

A rich opportunity for those:

  • seeking deeper understanding of Christian faith and spiritual enrichment; and/or
  • wanting to pursue graduate theological education without earning a degree; and/or
  • thinking about ordained ministry, but wanting to discern a call by trying some courses first.

These courses are given academic credit at the Masters (M. Div.) level:

  • Each course qualifies for three (3) credits.
  • Credits may later be applied to the programs of any of the partner Colleges of the Montreal School of Theology.

Courses are offered evenings, weekends and other alternative schedules and modalities.

Structure of the Program

Each winter and fall semester, generally only one course is offered. Students may take as little as one course, or accumulate 30 credits by taking 10 courses in total. A student who successfully completes 10 3-credit courses will receive the MST Certificate in Theological Studies.

Core Courses:

6 credits Christian Theology I and II
3 credits Church History
3 credits Old Testament
3 credits New Testament
3 credits Theological Ethics


12 elective credits may include additional courses in any of the core subjects, up to 6 credits in denominational/heritage studies offered at one of the Colleges of MST, or other courses identified as MST Certificate courses in areas such as Leadership, Spirituality, Worship, or Pastoral Care. These areas of study will be reviewed by MST periodically and revised to respond to student and Church needs. Up to 6 credits may be considered for transfer from other institutions.

In the past, the following courses have been offered by instructors at various semesters between 2010 and 2015:

  • Christian Theology I – Rev. Dr. John Vissers and Rev. Canon John Simons
  • Introduction to the New Testament Jesus in text and proclamation – Dr. Matthew Anderson
  • A History of Christianity From Jesus to Erasmus – Dr. Lucille Marr
  • Christian Ethics The real world of love, faith and friendship – Rev. Dr. Roland De Vries
  • Introduction to the Hebrew Bible from Genesis to Malachi – Rev. Dr. Gregory Davidson
  • Church History from the Reformation to the Modern Church – by Dr. Lucille Marr
  • Christian Theology II –Rev. Canon John Simons
  • Emergence Christianity – Rev. Dr. Alyson Huntly
  • Introduction to Paul: The Self-Proclaimed Apostle in Text and Context – Dr. Matthew Anderson
  • Contemporary Contextual Theology in the Canadian Landscape – Dr. Jessica Hetherington
  • Minding God’s Business –Jay Hewlin, Esq., J.D.

Admission requirements and procedure

Admission requirements:

  • an undergraduate degree with a CGPA of 2.7 or higher
  • two letters of reference supporting the applicant’s ability to engage in theological study at an advanced level
  • two letters of reference supporting the applicant’s ability to engage in theological study at an advanced level
  • support from a Member College of MST

Students apply at the College of their choice:

Tuition and fees

Category of Student  2018-2019 Cost (per course) 
 Auditing $300
 Montreal School of Theology Student $380
 Other $490

Tuition is payable to your College at registration. Course packs, books etc. are in addition and vary per course. A late registration fee of $50 applies for students who register after the first class but before the sixth hour of class time.


Technical Requirements/Instructions for Online Courses

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