Certificate Courses 2018-2019

Oct 2018
Winter 2019 Course: Christian Theories of Justice

An introduction to a wide variety of ways in which Christians think about justice and mercy in reference to current social issues. What is justice? What is mercy? How do Christians make sense of the social and political problems of the day? This course explores these questions through a survey of major theories of justice from both philosophical and theological perspectives. Topics include liberal, libertarian, communitarian, feminist, and liberationist theories in conversation with Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Protestant approaches as well as theologies of restorative justice, including indigenous and womanist approaches. Current......

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Jun 2018
Fall 2018 Online Course: Introduction to the Hebrew Bible

An overview of the stories, hymns, poems, sayings, and songs that form the Christian Old Testament Over many hundreds of years oral and written stories, hymns, poems, sayings and songs were brought together to form the Hebrew Bible, sometimes referred to as the Old Testament. This book has become a central text of not only Western civilization, but the backbone of the three monotheistic faiths: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. The course will offer a critical overview of the content, periods in history, geography, socio-political, and theological approaches to the Hebrew Bible. While......

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