Winter 2020: An Introduction to Constructive Communication

Winter 2020: An Introduction to Constructive Communication

This one-day workshop introduces a simple yet profound process: how to
prevent or peacefully resolve differences by connecting with another
person’s feelings and needs. You may also connect more deeply and
authentically with your own feelings and needs.
This approach, used world-wide to resolve disputes, is also known as
“Nonviolent Communication”, or “NVC”, developed by Dr. Marshall

Workshop content:

  • The purpose of Constructive Communication
  • “Power Over” vs. “Power With”: the intention behind the model
  • The Jackal and the Giraffe: How life stances affect the language we use
  • The four steps of the model, with examples
  • Responding to criticism, blame and anger
  • Using Constructive Communication with ourselves and others
  • Finding your own approach: How to apply what you’ve learned and
  • make it your own
  • Small group practice

Kathleen Conway (MA, Communication Arts, Michigan State University) leads effective, engaging and practical workshops in communication skills throughout Canada and the U.S. She has led this event for many organizations including Saint Columba House, the Centre for Spirituality at Work (Toronto) and the Toronto School of Theology.


February 14, 2020, 9am-4pm
Location: The Presbyterian College | 3495 University Ave
Cost: $65/$45 (youth)


Presbyterian College: [email protected]
Diocesan College: [email protected]
United Theological: [email protected]

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