MST Master Policy and Documents List

CategoryTitle of DocumentLast Updated (AC Committee)Last Approved (MST Board)OwnerWebsite?Link to PolicyRequired by ATS?
Policies Student Complaints PolicyApril 22, 2020Sept 21, 2020ACYesWeb PDF Version
Policies Master of Divinity and Diploma in Ministry RegulationsOctober 19, 2020November 16, 2020ACYesWeb PDF VersionYes
Policies Policy on Regulations for Courses in TheologyAug 20, 2018Feb 21, 2019ACYesWeb PDF VersionYes
PoliciesPolicy on Transfer of Credit for the Master of Divinity Degree (see also Transfer Information Credit for Students here)June 17, 2019N/AACYesWeb PDF VersionYes
PoliciesRequirements for Completion of the Master of DivinityMarch 19, 2018April 26, 2018ACYesWeb PDF VersionYes
PoliciesPolicy on Grading in M.Div 3/Diploma in MinistryNov 19, 2018Feb 21, 2019ACYesWeb PDF VersionYes
PoliciesPolicy on Faculty EvaluationsJan 21, 2019Feb 21, 2019ACYesWeb PDF VersionYes
PoliciesPreparation for Ministry, Ethics and Academic IntegrityN/AN/AACYesYes
PoliciesInterim Sexual Abuse and Harassment PolicyJune 17, 2019Sept 19, 2019ACYesWeb PDF VersionYes
Field Placement DocumentsLearning ContractN/AN/ADPSNoWeb PDF VersionNo
Field Placement DocumentsLearning Outcomes for the Master of DivinityN/AN/ADPSNoWeb PDF VersionNo
Field Placement DocumentsStudent PortfolioN/AN/ADPSNoWeb PDF VersionNo
College Specific PoliciesPolicies on Tuition, Fees and RefundsN/AN/ACollegesYes
Historical Documents: Form of GovernmentMST Form of Government (2008)N/A2008MST BoardNoYes
Historical Documents; Form of GovernmentJoint Board of the Theological Colleges Form of Government (1989)N/A1989MST BoardNoYes