Winter 2019 Workshop : Transforming Church Conflict

Winter 2019 Workshop : Transforming Church Conflict

Transforming Church Conflict

This highly interactive workshop invites participants to consider the building blocks that create conflict and those that assist or inhibit conflict resolution. This workshop includes reflection, conversation, and exercises to help those involved in ministry to address conflict in healthy and productive ways. Practical tools and skill building will be part of this foundational workshop.

The workshop sessions will be oriented toward:

  • deep knowledge of congregational health, conflict management, and leadership in churches;
  • a spirit of “unconditional positive regard”—we engage others with a profound sense of respect and in a manner that honours all parties;
  • mindful attentiveness that listens deeply to others and that seeks the deeper wisdom emerging in the conversation;
  • a prayerful presence that listens for the movement of the Spirit in the concerns being reviewed; and
  • a manner of engagement that draws from the personal integrity, grace, and humility of the facilitator.

Marg’s work with participants in the workshop will be informed by respect, the valuing of difference, and the sacredness of every individual.

Instructor: Marg Van Herk


February 15, 2019 9am-4pm, Presbyterian College Montreal

Cost: $65 regular | $45 (youth) | Add lunch: $15

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