Winter 2019 Course: Congregational Leadership

Winter 2019 Course: Congregational Leadership

Most congregations expect their minister to preach, lead in worship and provide pastoral care. But what are the expectations of the minister when it comes to leadership? Whose job is it and what skills are required? This course is designed to engage in key questions around congregational leadership. What is the role of the minister in relation to congregational leadership? How is the function of leadership integrated into the identity of pastoral ministry? How is pastoral leadership related to the role of lay leaders? What knowledge base and skill set is required to be an effective leader in a congregation?

The course will involve readings, research in the field placement, lectures, written reflections and class discussions. While applicable to various ministry settings, the primary purpose of the course is to help students reflect on the role of ordained ministry and its relationship to congregational leadership.

Instructor: Dr. Dale Woods


January 14 to 17, 2019
March 22, 2019
Presbyterian College, Montreal

Cost: MST Student: $380 | Auditing: $300 | Other: $490

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